Creative Graphic
Design & Branding

In addition to graphic design and copywriting, our Creative Department’s additional services include photography and strategic conceptualising. We welcome large and small print projects with equal enthusiasm, producing the most practical and cost-effective campaigns, complete with the most striking results in line with ISO colour management.

The Importance of Corporate Identity

The power of Corporate Branding comes down to 3 main things: being visible, memorable, and recommendable. Think of some of the most iconic brands you know. What makes them so memorable? Endorsement. Usually backed up by bold graphics, sturdy packaging, engaging ads, and a well-written copy. At PrintWorks, with 50 years under our belt, trust us when we say your best publicity begins at home.

To external stakeholders, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt – it symbolizes steadfastness and inspire confidence instead. Internally, your employees and associates can wear your brand with pride, standing by your organization as your most valuable endorsers.